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Parent Involvement


St. Francis Montessori promotes stewardship and a partnership with the parents for the benefit of each child. We are pleased to be able to provide personalized attention to the unique needs of each family and child, whether in the administrative or classroom setting.


The time and talents of our parents are so critical to our programs that St. Francis Montessori would not exist without the involvement of its parents. You could truly say that the parents’ service is the infrastructure of our school, which has been our particular goal from our founding.


Each family volunteers at least 20 hours per year to assist in the daily operations and special projects of St. Francis Montessori. Just a few areas to which the unique talents of various parents have contributed to SFM in the past include beautiful publications, wildly successful fundraisers, and impeccable construction projects.


Given our commitment to the Montessori method in its integrity, educating parents about the unique beauty and success of this pedagogical method is of key importance at St. Francis Montessori, and multiple education events for parents are offered throughout the year. The dates of these events appear on the school calendar.


Tuition is kept as low as possible so that no child is ever turned away from St. Francis Montessori regardless of financial ability. Thus tuition alone does not cover yearly operating costs. Each year parents assist in fundraising through gifts of their own or from their family and friends.

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